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Wall Hangings

Wall hangings consist of large tapestries and smaller framed pieces made for easy hanging and installation.  Each piece was woven on an 8-harness floor loom in Hendersonville, NC.  Inspired by 18th and 19th century American coverlets, they're made using Overshot, a traditional weaving method.

Weft threads shoot over top the warp in a calculated way, resulting in intricate and sometimes mind-bending patterns.  Overshot weaving drafts have been shared across generations of weavers, many of them preserved thanks to historians and enthusiasts. Though these patterns have been woven many times by many weavers, each interpretation is unique, willed into being from not much more than a few hanks of yarn and a spool of cotton.  These were made at home with a big dog under foot.

Rose Garden

This is a variation on the Traditional Roses and Rings pattern.  396 ends  |   15 ends per inch  |  12 pattern repeats  |  2022

Traditional Roses and Rings

This pattern has also been called Whig Rose, Lover's Knot, Wheel of Fortune, and Sun, Moon and Stars.  396 ends  |  15 ends per inch  |  4 pattern repeats  |  2022

John Madison

Based on Wm. Hutchison's 1819 draft.  Made with organic merino wool and a natural cotton warp. 2022.

Blooming Leaf of Mexico

467 ends  |  15 ends per inch  |  merino wool + cotton  |  2022